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Hey hey! My name is Jojo, cool mom, occupational therapist and now your favorite photographer friend!

Professionally I have been a photographer for 7 years, but honestly I have been capturing moments all my life! I was always the girl in high school who walked around with a disposable camera taking photos. (Whew I'm giving up my age lol) Fast forward to my adult years, my love for photography grew through my blog Sincerely Jo!

On mission to help entrepreneurs curate lifestyle and brand relevant content, I quickly became known as the "Content Killa"!

Although love capturing life's memories, I specialize in helping brands and bosses create eye catching, creative, and purposeful brand relevant content.

Over the past 7 years photography has opened a lot of doors for me from opening my own photography studio The Stylish Loft to meeting so many amazing people! along this journey! So glad to have you here and welcome to the Captured by Jo experience!

Looking to create magic with you soon!

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